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Prostitute tipping
" its just doing good business man"

Yeah. It definitely makes your sessions better, but only because the girls are expecting to get more from you in return. So it might not be as good a deal in the long term.
It depends on what level of service I'm getting. I'm not easy with the tipping but if she goes out of her way to make me feel even better, then I'll do the same as well. It also depends on whether I'm with her for the first time or I'm a long-term client. I usually leave a tip if I plan to go back to her.
That's just a question of your moral, regardless how ironic that may have sounded. Having said that, if you're willing to give a certain special prostitute that you liked some credits extra, nobody will mind.

The girl will probably appreciate it, and if you're a regular customer, she'll remember you so it may entice her to provide you better services! On the other hand, I personally won't be frequent for it, because girls from those Deluxe, Vienna's most exclusive places already have everything covered by their patrons, so I'm not concerned about them.
It is always recommended to tip the girl if you liked her appearance and how she performed in bed in my opinion. No matter which city or brothel, I always leave a tip if the girl was at least a 8/10. If she is not greedy, you might get a special treatment next time.
I actually am for sure not a regular like most people here, but I have different points of perspective. Maybe I was raised like that, coming from a middle-class family with lots of respect towards others of more or less materialistic wealth, but for the 2-3 times I've been mingling, I left over 30 bucks grand total.

Perhaps ironic, since I'm well-thought and educated to be polite, but I treat everybody the same, just like I explained.

Might be only me, but my opinion is that if you're eager to have sex with a prostitute, it implies that you've got extra cash to spend, so a little tip will do no damage. Plus, like the other guy said, they'll surely remember you, since actually clients don't tip hookers oftenly.
I reckon that leaving over 50 Euros like you guys have, is overflowing it for too much, that it actually can cause a counter-effect, making the prostitute arrogant and later on she’ll lose it totally.
I believe that tipping a girl is fine and all until the girls start asking or expecting the tip after every session, regardless of how they performed. I've seen this happen is multiple brothels where the girls would get comfortable with the tips and they expect it, even if they weren't that good. You should never tip a girl who asks for it or those who performed poorly. This will only encourage bad service, and let's face it, nobody wants that!
(05-22-2018, 06:41 AM)GOAT Wrote: Might be only me, but my opinion is that if you’re eager to have sex with a prostitute, it implies that you’ve got extra cash to spend, so a little tip will do no damage. Plus, like the other guy said, they’ll surely remember you, since actually clients don’t tip hookers oftenly.

That sounds like a good lifehack for me. Leave a small tip because other guys usually dont tip, then maybe get some benefits from the girl. I like it. It is easier to stand out if others dont do it that often
Believe it or not but this topic which I think is super straight forward and easy to agree on that tipping is good anyway as long as service provided was good, was pretty controversial on the ISG forum in the Vienna thread.
All kinds of complicated theories going on there like we as being good tippers have spoilt the girls to an extent that now the premium which girls in GT are "offering" or "demanding" is a result of us being tippers.

That is by far the most stupid thing I ever heard. It is the opposite for sure. Not enough tipping is what put the girls over the edge. I am sure of it and girls will tell you that too. 50€ in Germany and 60€ in Vienna for half an hour of GFE ... that is just not even close to enough to keep up the level and feel good about yourself at the same time if you are a sexworker.

Okay... very well, there you go and now spoon out the soup that you cooked by not tipping and pay the price/premium. So far that is only a GT thing but let's wait. It might spread to other FKKs as well. It won't happen in Maxim and Babylon for sure where girls have the privilege of being valued higher automatically with a much higher starting price which makes them feel good, even though they might end up with a bit less money on aggregate but as far as pride goes... man they are way ahead of the curve!
firestorm, Well after reading your comment I'm totally convinced that not tipping a girl is a poor choice. It's also really mean because 1. you want to have sex 2. preferably with a beautiful girl 3. you also want GFE. For 50-60 Euros? And on top of that you don't even want to tip. I dont know, 50-60 Euros is quite cheap in my opinion, especially when you compare it to Belgrade where you cant get a decent girl under 150Eur

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