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FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna – a comparison
I agree on all levels Smile

Although I have no experience with the puritan way of the US Wink
I would like to see a comparison among Vienna sex studious.
For me is more relaxing to go in a studio were you can find girls more integrated in Austrian environment, fluent German speaking, that can offer you more various sexual experiences (like S&M) in combination with sex and maybe are better educated especially regarding sexual transmitted diseases.
Great write-up! My wife and I are visiting Vienna in the fall, and your site in general and this article in particular are extremely helpful in giving guidance on the best ways to sample the sensual delights.
I am very glad you liked it and hope that you will find what you are looking for on your visit to Vienna in the fall
Hey, great review!

I plan on spending a whole day at GT (get there at 11 am and leave at 4 pm), probably I will get a little bit tired at some point. Is there any good places to take a nap?

Also, is it possible to enter and exit the club in the same day without having to pay the entrance fee again?
Are girls in GT practicing sex without condom???

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