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FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna – a comparison
Excellent blog on the sex scene in Vienna, if not the authorative source
Am considering a long weekend mongering in Vienna, any hotel recommendations?
I wonder if there are the same type of Partytreffs (all included flate rate clubs) as in Germany (especially in Nordrhein Westphalen).
If yes, I would be grateful for any advice.
No there aren't any. As far as I am informed they are strictly prohibited and who ever tries to run one will end up in prison. There have been rumours that a certain group of people is trying to get a permission to run one but since the law is crystal clear they clearly do not stand a chance. There is simply no place for all inclusive flat rate clubs in Austria since the new law has taken effect.
Very good and informative post.
I would like more info about safe sex aspects in those places.
You said somewhere about bareback.
Also you said about high girls fluctuation.
I have to admit that I am afraid about sexual diseases.
So, I want to know if condoms are available in those clubs and if generally girls are using them.
Also do you know something about medical check for the girls. I know it is mandatory by law to be from 2 to 2 weeks. Still if it is high fluctuation of girls, as you said, then medical check doesn't look too relevant.

Something else. How is girls English? Could you have interesting conversation with them or this is not the point here and only the body is important. I am not English native also but I would enjoy some talk.
Connected with that. If you want to spend more time with a girl, just for talk, before going in the room, is it ok? That mean she will charge you just for spending time with you?
Last thing, if you want just to stay, in order to swim, to take a sauna or to rest, enjoying the view, are you left alone or girls will always jump on you.
It is normal to be afraid of sexual diseases to some degree but in clubs like Maxim, Goldentime and Fun-Palast you can feel safer than in small studios for sure.
Of course condoms are available and the girls are generally using them. Like everywhere in Vienna medical checks are mandatory and have to be made on a weekly basis. If however FP and GT management take that seriously or not, one can only guess. I would guess, they do because they got plenty of girls which are replaceable to some degree.
The girls generally speak English, some better, some worse. If you want to have an interesting conversation with the girls you will be better off in brothels like Maxim but you can get lucky to find a girl in the FKKs as well which is willing to spend some time with you and just talk. On a busy night, they won't.
They are not allowed to charge you money just for talking, though.

If you stay there just to swim and enjoy the "view", this might piss the girls off. Especially on a slow night. You can expect to be observed as a client in the FKKs. Girls tend to analyze your every move if they have time to do so.
OK, so if I will ask for a condom the girl will have it.
Again on the acting issue.
I will go in and, as I understood, automatically a lot of girl will come to me.
How should I deal with this situation without pissing the girls off?
Of course I will go with one or two girls in that day or night but I do not want to be push for doing something fast. I would like to have some time in order to explore the place and look at the girls before going in a room.
Any tips?
It depends on the girls. Not everyone will come on to you immediately the minute you walk in. Some will not approach you at all and wait for you to come. The girls work on their own terms regarding who to talk to there.

Best thing to do is to tell the girls that you need some time to decide. It is not good to talk their ear off and then reject them. If you engage in a conversation with them that lasts longer than a few minutes you should commit to a room or at least be honest.

And very true, they may try to push you into something fast and it is best to not allow that. Tell them that you will make the decision on your own. Stay polite and it'll all work out fine.
Very good informations. I have been in Golden Time 5 times and I really recognize it the way it has been described in your post.
I would like to change a bit, and try Babylon even if the place is a stunner factory, from the pictures I saw they re a bit too skinny for me.
In GT, as I spoke with fair taxi driver the girls are more relaxed overall than Babylon.
Nonetheless if somebody already went to Babylon and can state that there is some kind of Brazilian-shaped body girl I ll go right away.

Again it is really good to find at the end such site fair and a well-explained one to rely on. I wish you could to the same for Prague. I have tried already two night club there and every time it was close to the nightmare.
Besides some of the brothel seem to be afraid of "dark" people in prague but not all of them, hopefully.
Thx for your compliments. I live in Vienna therefore make most my punting here but if I shall be on a trip I will let my readers know of course what my experience was
Great site, sir. Just my late input, based on a few visits to GT, on a couple of the questions that have come up:

Generally BJs are done uncovered as a matter of course but occasionally a girl will ask your preference before she starts. I highly doubt the bare girls would object to a cover if that's what you want and I have also never had an upsell for uncovered. All in all, this issue doesn't seem to be a big deal here. You're the boss, just state your preference.

While there are never any guarantees, my sense is that GT is a professionally run place that abides by health check regulations. I'd feel a lot more confident there than at some ramshackle little joint by the train station, for example.

Regarding pressure from the girls, its nothing you can't handle if you've ever spent any time in a run of the mill US strip club. Girls at GT run the whole range from those who develop some kind of fascination with you (and/or your cash) and keep returning to hit you up to those who will literally just sit back with their friends or by themselves and not even chat with you unless you approach them, with most being somewhere in the middle- ie. will approach you once and accept a friendly rejection without any fuss. Also, keep in mind that Europe is more status and class conscious than the US: these girls are all from poor Eastern European countries and they show a fair amount of deference towards Western males with cash in hand. So, you're a lot less likely to encounter the kind of bitchy diva attitude of some US strippers, for example.

As for language, English is the language of GT. While the girl's speaking skills do vary, they overwhelmingly know more English than German. By the way, there is usually a very friendly Austrian girl working the entry register who speaks good English and will answer any questions. While you would never see an Austrian actually working in a place like this, you can still fantasize about this sweetie on your way in, haha.

This is a great low drama place to have some fun. I recommend it highly. It will be especially enjoyable to anyone who is burnt out on the risks and wild goose chases that often come with finding paid fun in the US- thanks Puritans..Good luck to all.

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