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White Chicks vs Ebony
So guys, what's your take regarding the question in the title of this thread? Do you prefer White Chicks or Ebony, and while you're at it, explain why.
Ebony beauties are the absolute queens when it comes to size. They have larger boobs and booties in general and the whole feeling of the lay was more exotic for me
The complexity of this question is far beyond its seemingly easygoing form. Personally, I prefer White Chicks and that's totally incoherent to race, Ebony chicks, in my opinion, and on the other hand, are way more hardcore, but that's just not my thing. Pale girls have their sturdy arrogant ways of bonding with you, whether you're a porn viewer or right there on-scene with her. Black girls are more of the 'just sex' type of people, who can differ the 'no', in 'no strings attached'. Come to think of it, either variety you choose, there are benefits and virtues, along with downsides which the girl brings. 'Downside' is too harsh of a word, however, the point is taken, everything has its ups and downs and it all settles on your subjective thinking. Check me in as the supporter of White Chicks on this one, they've got a slight advantage here in my book.
"The complexity of this question..." Dude. This isn't a philosophy class..
I agree with the single-most reasonable person here, who doesn't take on this like it's a question of life and death... as well for the other one mocking him hahaha. As a matter of fact, related to the thread, no one said you cannot combine the two and have a souffle mix!

Ebonies have a slight advantage over white chicks because of when you once see them booties, they never go outside your head! On an expanded level, no one's remotely better, and it all lays down on your taste
dude's right about generalizing, but isn't that the marrow of the question? I comprehend people not as a cluster of specimens, but nominally, so if, let's say Riley Raid is my favorite. it's just inexplicable, you cannot conclude whether she's shattering my requisite (my dick) because of her skin color. hell, I'd overhaul my little friend unstoppably even if she's black, no preference.

As regards to Ebony, Cassidy Banks is the counter-part rival of Riley, but still, shoulder-to-shoulder, virtues are incomparable
I agree, I prefer to look at the girls individually and not focus on their skin color. If I like a girl and the chemistry is there, I will take her to the room regardless of her race or skin color. But, the fact that black girls usually have bigger assets still remains true.
I never tried it with a black girl so it would be definetely special. If I had a chance with a curvy ebony girl I would take it, I think everyone should try it at least once
it doesnt matter if its a white chick or a black as long as she has a big bouncy ass im down for it
people be like they talkin about constitutional rights above the US declaration woah. quickly, ebony is my thing, white chicks wanna go to starbucks after a good fuck

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