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White Chicks vs Ebony
I think every monger should try with a white and an ebony beauty in bed at the same time. A good way to compare them. Or you can just not care about the question at all and enjoy the experience
edgy posting right here, I'm trying my best for a proper response to the group and while I'm at it, not be accused of pulling the 'race card' :'D
don't mean to be rude, might be an unpopular opinion, but everyone should smash people (preferably of opposite sex) of their own race, skin color. Only in special conditions their shall be mixture in relationships. It's natural for a black guy to be attracted to an ebony, as well as for a pale dude to a white chick. Talking about physical aspects here. And sex, of course. But when the mentals and emotions get involved, it's a whole different story, which I will tell some other time. So, for me, white chicks rule my world.
IDK why, but I always preferred girls of color. Maybe that they are thicker or I just like their skin color, but I'm extremely into them. Of course, I never say no to a gorgeous white lady either.
girls of color lol
that's kind of offensive, since neither white or black are colors if you focus at the mere spectrum
black girls white girls try them bouth every one dies at the end so live breath to fullest!
I think there are more than enough hot white girls, I'm more than satisfied with the lineup. So many different curves. faces and personalities, it's impossible to get bored of them. However, sometimes I ask myself: Do I want to spend the rest my life not having sex with a black chick? HELL NO! It's simply too tempting, and you only live once

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