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What NOT to do in a brothel!
Talking intimately with a prostitute is like talking about children in the first date. It's weird and ruins the whole experience. I guess it wont hurt if you ask the girl about what she likes regarding sex or other minor things. I get a little bit intimate with GFE escorts but then we both know it is nothing serious
NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER insult a girl in any way. Don't even try complaining or fooling around, because they have imaginable protection covering their asses. One time it happened to a friend of mine, he got kicked out and eventually banned for a period of time. Watch out for the hoes.
yeah, your friend's behavior was probably appropriate enough to kick him out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Drinking alcohol before sexual contact does soothe people and relax them for an open conversation, however it's living on the edge if you're heading for a sex bar. You've got to be an experienced drinker to maintain a wholesome contact.

Fantastic stuff are covered in the article, by the way, number 4 is critical. The upsell is significantly at chaos that you literally have to accept a girl's offer since you'd feel wrong if you don't.

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