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The Prostitution Scene in Frankfurt
The VIP Escort in Frankfurt is probably one of the best ones if you're really looking for a high-quality service. I was with a girl named Hannah. She was an astonishing brunette who really knew how to ride. She was turned on during our whole session, so I was pleased all the way. I ended up having her 2 more times since then and she didn't disappoint.
You should also check out Crazy Sexy Frankfurt ( It's a really unique place, or at least I haven't seen many places like it before.
I usually visit brothels in the city, because they are cheaper and some girls are really awesome to be with if you know where to look for them. A good rule of the thumb is to always pretend that you're a local in Frankfurt. You'll get a much better service than a tourist that way, because the girl will work to make sure that you come back to her soon.
I visited City-Relax downtown Frankfurt for a body-to-body massage. It an incredibly unique experience that's definitely worth a pouters time. You'll get a pleasant touch from top to toe with the whole female body in action. 30 minutes 60 euros. 60 minutes cost 100 euros. The only bad thing about it is that they don't sell sex, only massages :'(
But they do offer happy endings, right?
Of course. You can expect a really good wank. Or at least I got one after my massage.
Anyone tried Pam´s Massage, Frankfurt Premium Massage or Secret Service Massage places in Frankfurt? I would like to know more about these places.
by my own calculations wien > frankfurt
Vienna is not the city of culture mistakenly :-D

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