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Studio Frauengasse 10
I don't have experience about this girl, just read information about her in the local forum and thought you will find this interesting.

The local guys found Vivien on BookSusi:

She is really slim and young and to be honest, I can hardly believe that she is more than 18 years plus few weeks. The original poster asked the others if someone has experience with Vivien.

[Image: original_198038.jpg]

Shortly after a guy answered him that such young girls usually don't have experience in sex work and the current staff of Frauengasse 10 do not train the girls. He also thought that with such clientele as the studio has, this girl should be half-dead very soon.

Then another user replied and asked the previous user, which kind of people visit this studio? A local punter answered him with sarcasm: the clientele means there "turboficker" guys who want to experience a wedding night in 15 minutes, paying only 30 Euros and ejaculate at least two times.

Personally I can agree with the last user, such studios are for people who are looking for cheap sex. The girls who work there are used as dolls, people fuck and throw them away. This is a very bad place to star a sex work carrier, escpecially for such teen girls as Vivien. By checking her images, she should arrive from the poorest parts of Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria. Most likely she arrived with pimps or a loverboy.

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