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Studio Frauengasse 10
I don't have experience about this girl, just read information about her in the local forum and thought you will find this interesting.

The local guys found Vivien on BookSusi:

She is really slim and young and to be honest, I can hardly believe that she is more than 18 years plus few weeks. The original poster asked the others if someone has experience with Vivien.

[Image: original_198038.jpg]

Shortly after a guy answered him that such young girls usually don't have experience in sex work and the current staff of Frauengasse 10 do not train the girls. He also thought that with such clientele as the studio has, this girl should be half-dead very soon.

Then another user replied and asked the previous user, which kind of people visit this studio? A local punter answered him with sarcasm: the clientele means there "turboficker" guys who want to experience a wedding night in 15 minutes, paying only 30 Euros and ejaculate at least two times.

Personally I can agree with the last user, such studios are for people who are looking for cheap sex. The girls who work there are used as dolls, people fuck and throw them away. This is a very bad place to star a sex work carrier, escpecially for such teen girls as Vivien. By checking her images, she should arrive from the poorest parts of Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria. Most likely she arrived with pimps or a loverboy.
This girl really doesn't look very much older than 18. My first instinct was that she's even younger, but I really hope that's not the case. Working in a studio where people that you described go must be awful, especially for almost no money. And to start from such a young age will probably lead to a very bad start to her adulthood. Is she even doing this willingly?

Unfortunately, cheap studios like this are never good for the girls and to be honest, I don't feel like they are good for the clients either. They are perfect for these turbo fucks, but they are definitely not for me or anyone who wants to actually enjoy the session. For me, paying more for a real sexual experience is a no-brainer and I tend to avoid studios and other cheap (usually AO) places in general. I really hope this girl can get out of there, or if she is doing this because she wants to than she must be crazy.
Huh, this should be a "very good" place again. I've just checked the 5 girl profiles they have on BookSusi and there are 2 kind of girls. The first type is the young girls, including the above mentioned Vivien. I'm not sure they knew which kind of work will be this, or they were not other job possibilities where they are from. Most likely both, a pimp told them that they can earn a lot in Vienna.

The other group of girls are the "ugly girls". They are too ugly, fat or just old to have a better job at highclass clubs, and they also have to earn money to cover the living costs. So they do what they can do, having sex with turbofickers (good word btw), and tolerate everything. The Vienna sex market is very versatile, most likely this is the same in all cities of the World, so now we got insight into the lower level of sex scene.

Hopefully the poor girls will become smarter after some time and be able to find a better place with better clientele.
"Fame is like caviar, you know — it's good to have caviar but not when you have it at every meal."
She has a review now on Booksusi, the guy called her performance an "unmotivated disaster". Bad sex, bad blowjob and she didn't really want to deal with him. Also, "her look said more than a thousand words could", which is pretty sad. But I'm not surprised considering she is young, new and works in a studio like this. There's really not that much in the job for her to be enthusiastic about it.

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