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Silicone Darling Nina in Vivenotgasse 33 – 1120 Wien
This review of Nina showcases some of the best moments Marcus had with the girl. We get to read his side of the story, from the moment he saw Nina’s ad on Kontaktbazar. Nina is a very sweet girls and she is also an overall good sexworker. You can also get more information on the studio and the prices that they are asking.

Read the full article:
Hey, I was interested in travelling to Vienna for some mongering action. Nina would be my first pick, know how to reach her?
I believe she is not working in Vienna at the moment.

I recommend you to consult every now and then and you will see if she is available or not. As far as I know there is no other way to contact her as a client and when she works she will most likely have an ad there.
ok thanks, will do;-)
As u can see she is back again:
Hi. I'm going to visit Vienna soon. I'll certainly visit Maxim because I went there last year and it was really good. That time I chose Giulia because of your review and was very impressed by her. Unfortunately Giulia is no longer there otherwise I'd go for her second time without doubt. Have you seen the girls who are currently working in Maxim? If so can you give me an advice who I should I pick this time?
Hi Randomguy,

Yes, I was in Maxim lots of times lately, however I have been a bit lately with reviewing and some of the great girls that I had there are not available at the moment. At least that is what I am seeing statuswise on the Maxim site. From the girls that are currently available Jasmina is one I already reviewed and I was pretty happy with her in the room. I also know Isabella, Vanessa, Carla and Luana (I will review her soon).

Vanessa is exactly my type but I know also that she can be bitchy at times. Perfect body... pretty similar to Giula's body and she has done porn movies recently. So she has a huge offering service-wise but this is something that needs to be discussed with her before booking her for the room obviously. Luana has impressive tits. That fact alone is worth booking her. Another great girl is Antonia but who knows if she will be available again when you are in Vienna.
Hi, she make ao service?
I guess she does
okay thank u. i cant find her on kontakt bazar at. have she a own site or the club ?

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