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Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread
There are a bunch of new girls listed on the Maxim website.
Virginia is back in the club, as well as Alina. Alina is a huge surprise, as she worked in Funpalast over the summer and now seemingly she is back in Maxim.
I saw numerous new girls in Maxim with new pictures. Some of the girls who are fairly new to me are: Andra, Delia and Natasha the black girl. The new girls look good and since its Maxim I suppose their service level is high too.

I also saw girls who have already worked in Maxim before who are now back. Alice was gone for a full year, now she is back in Maxim for a month or so. Alina is also back after trying Funpalast and somewhere in Switzerland, now she went back to her origins, which is Maxim. Roxi is also back.

Right now the lineup in Maxim seems much better than a couple of months ago, which is a huge relief. It's good to see that they are back on the top after the summer.

Here are all of the girls present on the Maxim site:
I was with Andra the other day. She's really like the youngest girl in Maxim right now. Friendly girl, cute, but kinda childish TBH. In the sack she's great. I feel considering that she's still young it was a good session. And I'm sure she's only gonna get better, as her attitude was on point.

I saw Antonia in the club too. Gorgeous girl, but I haven't been able to talk to her yet. Anyone has any info on her?
(11-03-2018, 06:06 PM)Final Critic Wrote: I saw Antonia in the club too. Gorgeous girl, but I haven’t been able to talk to her yet. Anyone has any info on her?

Antonia is already a regular girl in Maxim. She's been there for about a year or so if I remember correctly. Long black haired girl with light skin tone. She was very friendly when we talked and she seemed like she has an open minded demeanor. Also good sense of humor.
Many new girls in Maxim. Some of them dont have pics online, but they are available.

Noticed a few girls missing. The girls who are not there are Andra, Roxi, Delia, Gloria and Erika.
I noticed that Maxim is closed due to renovation or something like that. Does any1 here know when it is going to be open again? thx
According to the site, Maxim is closed due to renovation, but the girls can be found in Bar Schonbrunn in the meantime. Their escort services are also functional if you're interested in that. According to what I know, Daisy and Maya are also back and doing escort work.

I really don't know when Maxim is going to open up again, but the girls I mentioned will surely be back in the club as soon as it opens up again. I'll post here if I know anything new, or maybe someone else has some info that we don't know yet. Let's hope for the best.
Hope Maxim comes back even stronger than before. Maybe they are renovating the rooms. I think I read somewhere that they are planning on doing that. But that is just my best guess.
For the time being, it seems like some of the Maxim girls are working in Bar SCH, like XXX Addict mentioned. I saw Eva, Ariana, Nikki, Anna and Christina there. Christina is not on the site yet. Daisy and Maya are obviously back too, but currently only for escort.
The girls didn't seem to move on from Maxim just yet, it looks like it. Not a single one was spotted in Funpalast, Goldentime and not even Peepshow, as far as I know since the renovation started. Hope this means they stay with the club once its open again.

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