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Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - firestorm2012 - 03-12-2018

Sexclub Maxim Wien by now has been established as one of the last forces besides the FKK clubs in Vienna.

Due to the fact that Maxim has a massive influx of new girls on a regular basis and that they focus on keeping their line-up as attractive as possible (which sometimes causes less diversity to be honest) they have become the real deal in the Vienna sex scene in the last 5 years. Maxim is your GO-TO-Place if you are not at all into FKKs and if Babylon is too posh and expensive for you. And honestly, without taking any credit away from Babylon as a super-success, the girls aren't prettier on average than in Maxim or in the best FKKs.

Not too long ago the Maxim management decided to claim for themselves to be the only real "ALL-in-1 club in Vienna". While that may be somewhat presumptious it is factual at the same time. In 2018 there isn't any other place that can say that they are:

1. a sexclub
2. a stripclub
3. an escort club

Without further ado, this is your official Maxim thread in which you can please discuss line-up, services, prices and other topics of interest.

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Final Critic - 03-12-2018

My experiences in Maxim have ranged from average to amazing. So far, I didn’t have any disastrous encounters (hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself) and I’m pleasantly surprised with the services I’ve received. When compared to Babylon, Maxim prices are way lower, while the service level is somewhat the same. New girls are constantly being added to the LU and you can inspect them on the website. As far as I know, the photos of the girls are real and WYSIWYG.

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 03-26-2018

Do you have any info about Cherry? I saw she on the Maxim site, she is the new blacky.

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 03-28-2018

I was in Maxim yesterday and asked the same question from the bar guy. He told that Cherry is from England and will be first time in Vienna. She is a stripper and domina and will arrive to Maxim on Monday. It is not sure yet that Cherry can start in the club immediately, but she can be booked for escort for sure.

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 04-07-2018

can any1 tell me more about this girl?

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Zeus - 04-11-2018

Daisy is a very genuine girl who offers a splendid GFE. I was with her only once, but that was enough to see that she is among the best working girls in Vienna. I don’t think I have read any negative reviews of her online and that means something!

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 04-19-2018

Maxim just added a review and rating system to their website. I was given a pin code after my session that can be used to leave feedback of the girls on their profile. This feature is probably going to be very useful in the future.

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 04-22-2018

She's known for being a good service provider and generally a nice girl. As Zeus said, she's great for GFE and I suppose many people choose her because of this. Sex-Vienna posted a review of her that you can read if you want to. Here's the link:

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - Guest - 05-10-2018

I got a hold of this thread nicely, it is well-executed and I've got to thank fellow Marcus for making it happen, and keeping us up to date with Maxim. However, I came here with a mission in my mind. I have to generate a list considering the best sex clubs of Vienna, and I'd like to propose a request to anyone listening to help me out a little with it.

Namely, I don't know should I mark Maxim as a strip club solely, since I'm an adult magazine journalist and my intent is to label them as the best strip club in Vienna. What's your opinion on that guys? Is there any competition you favor, which is threatening for Maxim's number one spot I reserved? I need quick answers!

Sexclub Maxim Wien official thread - canon - 05-23-2018

Maxim is a so-called All in One club, it offers sex services, escort in Vienna and SM. So it is not just a strip club. The best clubs in Vienna all offer sex too, pure strip clubs are rare.