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Sex scene in Amsterdam
here's a link of an escort agency

it's in Dutch, assuming that you are not from Netherlands, use translate (right click + translate page) as I see the prices are ranging above 120 euros to 160 euros for an hour. but you get to walk her home or in a hotel. seems fair for worthy escorts
Thanks GOAT for that link. I'm planning on going to the Red Light District in Amsterdam and that helps a lot in the planning phase. I'm glad to see that the prices are not that high at all. Hope they are up-to-date and that I won't be surprised when I get there.
I recently got back from my trip to Amsterdam and I was a bit disappointed by the whole sex scene there.

The red light district is something that I never appreciated TBH. You can't take a shower before or after the session, girls really only want half hour sessions to be over with as quickly as possible. Really not my type of sex.

Escorts on the other hand are plenty and most of the ones I contacted were very professional in the way they communicated. The problem was that the girls they sent didn't look anything like the pictures online. I mean, I had to send away two girls just because they didn't look anything like what I expected. But for the high price that is asked, I think getting the girl that I picked online is given. I booked the girls because of their looks, so if I don't get what I ordered, I won't pay. Simple as that.

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