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Sex doll in Kontakthof 1
What?! How could a sex doll ever replace a real prostitute? That's just stupid.
I am sure there are people who are willing to pay good money for weird stuff like this. Personally I am not interested, but there are many types of people in Vienna
Wow! Interesting, I have not heard about this yet, but I'd like to try it out.
I just hope this wont be something we find in every brothel from now on
Are there really people who prefer a plastic doll over real prostitutes? Something must be wrong with those people if they pay to be in a room with a rubber mannequin. What has this world come to?
I'm down to try having sex with a sex doll once and seeing how it feels. Worst case scenario, I never choose to do this ever again.
They must do a thorough cleaning on the doll after each client. Still, I would never put my penis inside of a rubber sex doll that others have fucked. No thank you!
Is this thread still running? Have you guys seen what the Japanese did? They made AI sex dolls that have acquired real-life people movement and it's incredible! Look it up on vice, I'm having problems with linking you the video here. Sad part of the AI sex robots is that the natality rate will drop down because you can't impregnate a sex doll haha.

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