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Sex doll in Kontakthof 1
Has anyone tried the dolls lately?
And can you confirm that they use such type of dolls?

[Image: fanny1.jpg]
Apparently, there are a lot of persons willing to pay to have sex with a doll. It may sound strange, but this is the reality.
Even if I would try having sex with a doll, I would rather buy my own sex doll and do it in the comfort of my home. I think we need to wait until technology comes up with something more impressive than a realistic looking doll. I definitely won’t visit a brothel with sex dolls until they employ artificial intelligence and start using dolls that talk with clients / move on their own
Seems like a pretty good business opportunity. You just rent a few apartments, lay down a few busty dolls, start a website and wait until people start calling. Lol. Seriously though, it doesn’t seem like something that will be in high demand for people, but this is just my opinion. At least not in this form

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