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Sex With Prostitutes l With Condom VS Without Condom
what is known to be safe - it's safe then. better to use protection now, ceasing any inconvenient occurrences in the future. putting a condom on your di*k is investing in the future if you look at it from a different perspective
If you really want to have paid sex without condom, you should look for reviews and recommendations. There are brothel websites, escort websites and forums where people talk about girls they had a safe experience with in bed.

But if you want to be sure, you should look for a girl that provides GFE or is at least more kind and giving than the average sex worker. Then you book her a few times and become her regular client and it is plenty of time to build up trust. At the right moment, bring it up that you want to have sex without condom. Maybe also ask if her other clients use condom. This way you can minimize the risk and if you are lucky, you can have lots of sex without condom. Maybe the price will go higher but if thats what you really want then it is worth it for sure
frisk off that rubber off you and enjoy the full experience! YOLO!

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