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Sex Services in Spain
never thought spain had a variety of brothels to choose from
Holy sh*t where did all of you people took a course of prostitution in Spain! Are all of you Spaniards, owners or maybe hookers? The knowledge I got from this thread is endless I think I can open up a bookstore, book crafted for each subject the guys discussed
I went a few times to Ibiza and I can say the best thing you can do there is to hang out in sexclubs/ night clubs. All very welcoming clubs, the girls usually love to work there and provide outstanding service. Good vibes, good music and drinks. Usually 100-200 euro per girl plus the drinks you buy, you cant really find Spanish native girls tho
i have overheard from unreliable sources (since i'm not buying it) that Latina's from south America are commuting to Spain to work as prostitutes? anyone else knows what's shaking?
From whom you got the idea? There were always Latinas in Spain, apart from the rest of the variety of girls, regarding prostitution just as well.

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