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Prostitute tipping
I'm interested to know what is the norm about tipping in Vienna sauna and sexclubs. Do the girls demand a tip, or are they used to receiving it from tourists and locals? Also, should I tip as a tourist in places like Funpalast, Goldentime or Maxim if I'm satisfied? Gladly appreciate any info that you can give me. Cheers!
In Austria, it is perfectly common to tip the ladies if you’re satisfied with what you got. I mostly pick girls that I know deliver in the room, so I tip almost every time. Of course, if you are not 100% satisfied with the girl’s performance, you are not obliged to tip her anything.
Same as I would leave a generous tip in a restaurant for a flawless service, I often give the girls some extra if I liked the session with them.

This also helps in the long run. Establishing yourself as a generous regular customer will surely lead to a good performance and attitude at any girl in Vienna.
Agreed, I usually give some extra to the girl if I liked her technique, attitude or simply her looks. I think this is completely normal and its a way of showing my appreciation.
Its all fin and games until the girls start asking for the extra tip after the session. Thats where I draw the line.
I would never give tip to a girl who asks for it. It should be something that I give voluntarily without the girl ever asking for it. If she deserves it, she will get a tip. If she was a bad service provider, she can f*** off!
Nobody said that the ladies should receive a tip if they didn’t deliver. But there’s also no point in arguing about the logic behind tipping a girls who did good. I mean, you want to encourage that behavior in the ladies, especially if you are a regular. I’ve been tipping the girls who I enjoyed sessions with and this has only had a positive impact on my sexual experiences in Vienna.
I'm a generous man, I don't mind spending a bit of extra for the ladies to know that. Some even gave me their private number just because this. Now I get her to visit me in my apartment. Hell yeah!
agreed to that brother. I just left a girl with an extra 50€ and an extra 40€ on my previous session. It gets you a much better treatment and more smiles. You can also arrange better deals with the girls, spend more time with them. its just doing good business man
" its just doing good business man"

Amen to that Big Grin

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