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Price increase in Babylon, Hamburg
My friend was in Hamburg over the weekend and he told me that the prices in Babylon have increased by a lot. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
Yes, the prices in most German FKKs have increased after the condom law was set into motion, but Babylon is a whole different story. It seems that the prices have actually doubled since the law's introduction, which is a lot of money. I don't think I'm going there until there's a change in the prices.
The last time I was in Babylon, most girls asked around 100-120 eu for half hours. The price only included CBJ. DFK was an option with some girls, but not all.
120 for half hour? without any extra services? WTF?!
I agree with Final Critic, I think the price increase is because of the laws that were introduced last year, 100%. If I have to pay that amount of money, I want at least some extra services and a good attitude.
The rise in price compensates for the slight loss of demand in my opinion. Owners and businessmen know what they're doing. A monopolizing market, I think that the condom law is just a masking reason why. By 5 years the price will probably hit 150 Euros for half hour of regular service. Only if the prostitution legalization won't spread across the globe quickly like the plague.
I hope at least there are some really hot girls there with good service. Spending 100-120 euros on a girl is quite risky for the first time. Usually if I didnt enjoy it with one girl at an FKK I go and try the next one so spending 60-60 euros on two girls would be OK but 240 would be too much for sure
I agree. When I go to an FKK, I expect to have sex at least two times throughout the day, sometimes more. If the girls ask 100 euros per session, my budget won't be enough to satisfy my needs, especially with a couple of extras. And going to an FKK to have sex with one girl is just a waste of money.

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