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Police licensed brothels?
Does anyone know if theres a list of police licensed brothels that operate in Vienna? I want to try other places than where i usually go, but im afraid to go to girls that are not tested and places that might be illegal. Would be great if somebody could share this info, as surely im not the only one interested in it.
I haven't really ventured off the beaten path so to speak, but I would be interested to know how many legal brothels there are in Vienna too.

Does this list exist and can somebody link it?
I agree, it would be interesting to know how many legal places for sex there are in total, but my main concern is safety when having sex. I guess all brothels that are approved by the police have their girls tested for STDs, right?
Yes, all legally working sexworker in Vienna have to be tested for STDs regularly. Hence, all police approve legally working places must have girls who have been tested. I'm not entirely sure if there's a full list released by the police or only ones that other mongers created. I myself can't give you a link unfortunately, but I'm sure someone will have something to share.
As you've requested, we have created the List of All Police Licensed Brothels in Vienna as a Sex-Vienna post. Go ahead and check it out, we have listed every establishment in Vienna according to the district they are located in.

The list is constantly going to be updated, so let us know if there's anything that we have missed or anything that might have changed in the meantime. Join the conversation over at the separate forum thread that we created.
Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. It's so much easier to search for the places in a list like this. To know that they are 100% legal. I am sure this list is going to be appreciated by many others too, big thumbs up to the people behind the Sex in Vienna site!
Well done! Ive been cherry picking brothel information from Google for a long time, glad someone finally made a list here

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