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Nigerian Sex Slaves in Italy
Poor girls hadn't got the opportunity to live a regular life. They're forced into labor, raised by the cold sinners living a life of blunders, surviving on the edge of famine. Unable to throw a fit at their 'owners' so they have to imposingly comply and keep quiet. May seem disintegrating what I'll say, but at least the rates are reasonable. Most of exiled Africans don't ever earn $5 for a service. NOW that's being UNDEAD! In a broad range of evil, there's the only bright spot, which really is a illusion,tsk tsk
there's an article about a refugee living the life of (now) a former prostitute, Edith is her name, and she told the saddest story of being lured to the dark side of this world, abuse of a human being! can't remember where I found the article, I'll provide I link once I get to it, to contribute to the forum Smile!
I hate reading stories like this, the girls did nothing to deserve this treatment. I get so frustrated when I see some people not treating others like humans.
It is so easy for sex traffickers to send these Nigerian girls out as prostitute for only 10 euros per client. In Nigeria I think most people earn around $2-3 per day. The girl doesnt even understand how little price 10 eur is, she just thinks she can earn her freedom eventually but it is not going to happen without the government
indeed, Nigerians have no frame of reference how depleted their income is. it's a third world country and unfortunately, proneness to depressive facts like this is is nothing unusual. blessed we are to live on a rotten planet we inhabit

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