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Hungarian sex workers in Vienna
I am a Hungarian girl Smile And I speak Hungarian, English, German and Italian. Can you link me reliable sex clubs where I can earn good money? Thanks Smile
sorry, my name's Kata, I forgot to sign my post
Hungarian chicks gave me a pretty good time last time I wisited Vienna. But I'd say that you'll find much better and more skilled Hungarian girls in Budapest. That's just my opinion.
Hello Kata,

the most important places in Vienna also have Hungarian version of their websites.

Here you can reach the Hungarian jobs page of Maxim:
and here's the Hungarian website of Goldentime:

I can recommend you both of them, they are nr1 businessmen clubs.
Thank you, PunterKing. Which is the best?
I can't tell you which one's better, Maxim is a classic sex club while Goldentime is a sauna club. Some people like sex clubs better, while some people are a saunca club fan. You can ask the club managements directly about working conditions and find out which type is the best for you.
Thank you.Kata
Hungarian girls are beautiful
Why search for Hungarians in Vienna when you can find the finest orientals in Budapest? There's a thread about Budapest prostitution, and I'm kind of confused - is prostitution prohibited or not, in Hungary? Some of the laws apply, and some don't based on the reports I found there from other users. Why would've you drink water from a fountain where there's an underlying oasis below your feet :-D
Prostitution is not legal in Hungary. At least not that way as it is in Vienna. In Hungary there are many sex workers who work in flats or rentals. But brothels are illegal for sure. There are few clubs in Budapest what have very bad reputation, since they force the turists with gorillaz to pay the never mentioned entry fee, after they entered the club. They also sell champagnes for horrible prices (500-100 euros per bottle for an average champagne) and overbill the guests with fake bills. If the guest don't want to pay they escort him with the gorillaz to the next ATM.

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