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Hungarian sex workers in Vienna
"A Laufhaus is a totally different animal than the other brothel forms you find in Austria and in Vienna in particular. A Laufhaus can best be described as a kind of sex hotel where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. There are usually no guest rooms, no drinks, except for coffee and soft drinks machines and no reason to stay longer than for the actual deed which is the sex. So it is a kind of Fast Food Sex form". Source:
I found another source:
True, there are Hungarian girls in Wien sexclubs as well. Maxim and Goldentime have them or had them, I'm not sure about their current lineup. That is also true, that 95 of 100 girls are from Romania. Hungarian and other former socialist countries' prostitutes are less common.
the maxim site shows only former girls who are hungarian
yes that's why I wrote that I'm not sure about their current lineup
can you tell me which girls are better? romanians or hungarians
I worked in a sex club in Wien as security guy and I knew many Romanian and Hungarian prostitutes. They were totally different. Romanian girls are cute and they work hard. If the club pays them well then they work alost 7/24 and rarely leave the country. Hungarian girls are also beautiful but they don't like to work too much. Once they have some money in hand, they leave to Hungary and come back if need money again.
Some people say that all of Romanian girls look the same what is true, I saw a lot of Romanian girls and they had the same face type. Meantime Hungarian girls are totally different from each other, there are literally thousands of face types, and many skin and eyes colours. The Romanian girls learn German and English easier than Hungarians, because the Romanian language is some latin related language and has the same roots with German and English. Mentime the Hungarian language is totally different and the lack of language knowledge is the biggest problem of Hu girls.
I'm a Hungarian and there are almost no real langauge courses in school in Hungary. Most of the teachers learn Russian, only the younger teachers have modern language knowledge. But they have bad sallary so these youngs left the country already and work in England or Germany. I saw a map what showed that 24% of Hungarians speak foreign languages but I think the map was wrong. In small villages almost noone speak languages, mainly the city people know English or German. Elders may know Russian, since they had to learn that in school until the 1990s.
I agree, the reason why there are not as much Hungarian prostitutes in Vienna as Romanians, that Hungarian sex workers rarely know English or German. So they can work only in cheap brothels where they can be blackmailed.

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