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Goldentime Saunaclub official thread
Goldentime is the most reputable and biggest FKK Saunaclub in Vienna. The entry fee is 90 euros and with this you gain access to a locker where you can leave your stuff, a white towel you can wrap around your waist and unlimited access to the facilities and the buffet bar. Most of the girls in Goldentime Vienna are walking around the place naked. Lately, the girls of Goldentime Vienna have introduced a new "premium service", which is basically the same service they provided before, but for more money. This has made some customers concerned, but Goldentime is still the best and most reputable FKK in Vienna.

Here, you can leave any feedback and reports about the place and discuss the lineup and anything new that's happening in Goldentime.

The premium thing is getting kinda annoying TBH. I mean, it would be okay if they provided better service than before, but lowering the quality of the regular service is just weird for me.
Apparently, now one piece of clothing is allowed for girls in Goldentime. Some girls choose to wear a bra, while others have panties on. I've seen and heard many people complain that the girls are no longer fully naked, but I think they deserve at least some dignity.
there was quite a silly uproar in the local forums and maybe they got heard. We'll see how the girl's appearances will reflect the comments in the forums soon. I personally find it silly as hell. It really doesn't matter if they are fully naked or if they are wearing 1 piece of clothing.
I have no problem with the girls wearing one piece of clothing. I can see them fully naked if I choose them, there's no problem in this for me. And to be honest, most girls surely feel better when they have at least something on, don't you think?
I was in GT yesterday and apparently it is official now that the girls can ask as much money from the clients as they want for extras. I was told at the reception that 60 euros is just basic and everything else I must talk with the girls about.

I heard there was a party few days ago in GT. I think it was a birthday party but I missed it unfortunately. Anyone went there? Bet it was crowded, the 14 eur was great promotion for the place
(08-21-2018, 07:34 AM)Vixenboy Wrote: I heard there was a party few days ago in GT. I think it was a birthday party but I missed it unfortunately. Anyone went there? Bet it was crowded, the 14 eur was great promotion for the place

There is a separate thread about the Goldentime 14th Birthday Party. If you want further information about the subject, please head on over to this thread: Goldentime Birthday Party thread
Yes, the premium is now officially a thing and looks like it is going to stay. I also heard that now it is official that girls will not do OWO or kissing in the base price of 60 any longer for foreigners. They will only provide it for the best regulars. Not sure if its a good thing to allow the girls to open a micro economy that they can dictate, but until GT is open and working properly, I guess there's no huge problem. Other than the fact that we 100% have to pay extra for normal service.
I went to Goldentime Vienna a couple of days ago. Here’s what I learned. Around 90% of the girls asked 100 euros for half hour (blowjob without and kissing included). Every time I mentioned 60 for half hour, I could already see them looking for the next guy. One of the girls agreed on 60 for half hour, but that only included blowjob with a condom and no kissing. Also, if you pay 100 it is not guaranteed that you get good service. I paid 100 and there was barely any kissing involved in the room. 100 for half an hour would still be ok by me if the room service was great. But that is definitely not the case right now.

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