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FKK Sauna Clubs in Vienna – a comparison
FKK Sauna Clubs are pretty popular in Vienna, but there two real contenders that attract a large clientele on regular basis. We are talking about Funpalast and Goldentime. This article puts the two sauna clubs head to head and compares them fairly. You will also learn important things about FKK Sauna Clubs and tips on what to do. For example, you always want to pay after the sex.

Learn more by reading this comparison:
Excellent article, knew very little of what to expect from an FKK club before reading this explanation. Problem is, chosing a night out between GT and Club Maxim is going to be nigh on impossible!
Great post, it really helps making up our minds on what and where to go... thank you!

Just a question though: I'm going to Vienna for a long weekend with my girlfriend, and we're looking into having a threesome - would that be possible in a SaunaClub? i.e. would she be allowed in? if yes, do you think we could have sex in the premises also on our own,?

otherwise, would there be an alternative place (sauna-type) for such a thing?

oherwise, great blog, keep it up!
This is really not a either or kinda thing. As both clubs are totally different it makes sense to go to each one on different nights.

I am glad that my saunaclub post was informative Smile
It was a lot of work and needed even more research Wink
Yes, you can come with a partner for a threesome but I am not up to date on the rules regarding you 2 having sex whereever inside the club. I believe it is really best for you to give them a call and ask that particular question or email them:
Right.. Lingerie night at GT tonight..makes the decision easier Wink
Am off for an evening of who knows what Big Grin Wish me luck!
Good Luck! Wink
Great post! Thanks for all info! Will be in GT in mid April definitely. Probably on Sunday or Tuesday evening. Which of those day would you recommend? I'm affraid there might be less girls then on Friday or Saturday. L
Then good luck and have fun there!

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