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Best Webcam Services
the problem with Chaturbate is sometimes 3000-5000 people sitting there watching the girl but no one wants to tip... there are 10-15 hot sex shows the girl would do with/without partner but no one tips so shes just sitting there waiting and its boring. if everyoune would add 1 tip we could watch the action all day. but if you are lucky you can get the better shows with mad tippers where everything happens
I prefer chaturbate to all other webcam websites too. I encountered a few shows where people didn't tip and it was boring, but if you go with the most watched streams, you should have a good viewing experience. Also, it is a lot cheaper to buy into chaturbate (if you want to support the girls) than other webcam sites.
chaturbate >Sad yuck
What's your problem with Chaturbate?
what's wrong with it? well, pal, for starters, the site looks crude and rough around the edges (not only that the font is terrible, the design overall seems shifty), but okay, let's just agree that it's a problem with aesthetics. Now, the girl problem. The girls on the featured thumbnails look like they've got no affiliation with Chaturbate, rather they're placed as a phony hook for the viewers/fishes taking the bait. And like a cherry on top, the entire gig of watching a girl seduce seems like it's rigged. Like the users are fake and the requests are automatized. I'm standing behind this with a reserve, I'm not putting down chaturbate from the roots, but it all looks deceitful to me. Change my mind if you insist.
Are people really that dumb and close-minded? Excuse me Mr. #28970 are you out of your mind? You the type of people who prolly think the Earth is flat. Used Chaturbate for how many times and it works like a charm! Didn't get skinned from my money on top of that, and I had a blast watching cute, beautiful girls performing on demand! Check your privileges before you speak!
I think the website design is not that important as long as everything works well. And even if you watch the girl alone, who cares? If she puts up a good show and reacts to my comments then I don't even care if the whole site is fake.
I really don't care about changing your mind TBH. I was just interested to know why you're hating on Chaturbate. Of course it's not perfect, but I haven't had any major problems with it so far. But, to each his own.

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