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Asian studios
Since there are not many Asian ladies in the Viennese paysex scene (or at least I don't know about them), I decided to do some research. Turns out there are Asian options if you look close enough.

1. Studio 31 a
This place is located at Stattmayergasse 31 a. and it is a rather nice studio with a gorgeous Asian girl. If I remember correctly, her name is Lisa and she is a super service provider. BBBJ and CIM is included in the 30 minute session and I paid 60 euros for half an hour. The session with the Asian girl was phenomenal, she did everything that I asked. The studio also looks clean and the lineup was somewhat above average.

2. Vienna Night Club
Vienna Night Club is located at Währinger Gürtel 12 and it is a smaller club (some might even call it a bar). They offer massage and sex in the club and there was one Asian lady when I visited. She is a smaller girl with tattoos all over her body. I can't remember her name, but you will know who I am talking about when/if you see her. She doesn't speak English, so this might cause some misunderstandings, so be sure to ask the staff for translation to be sure. The session with her was good, no problems there. The only flaw I see with the studio is that it is rather small and there were only 4 or 5 girls present when I went there. Other than that everything was fine.

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