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A Party Night in Saunaclub Funpalast
I don't attend GB events but I am guessing 1-2 GB girls.
yep, I found the infromation on videorudi's website for this - 2 girls. Well... I don't know if take part in THAT but I'll be there at least to see it and use more "private services".
Yep, it really was a mess. No need to take part again, kind of disappointment for me, but sure some liked it too Big Grin
Just back from Berlin . Anne Porsche 1st day , great value but the girls are 5/10 .mostly , they work on a Two Girls working at any one time and change of face or girls over the day . One or two that arrived were 8/10 's . Next day Gangbang Day at Insomnia , WOW what a Club , 10/10 for the Club And food too .
A bit busy and a Public GBang with 7/10 girls working over the day but later some real Beauties joined in .
A little Professional but who can blame them . Well worth a visit , lots of couples arrived late afternoon , some very tasty too. Next day Airport Girls , Romanian but great value and near Templehof
Great tour

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