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NBA player in strip club - Zeus - 08-04-2020

I found this news article about an NBA player who left quarantine to go to his grandfather's funeral and after went to a strip club instead of back to the quarantine. He said he was just in the club for some food, but its still such a stupid thing to do I think. Now he is in isolation again, cant even play the first game of his team. As it is its already bad for his team, but just imagine if he wasn't caught and got infected with corona. This would have fked up the whole NBA season. And this isn't even a new player, but a veteran instead. Such a dumb thing to do. Interested to know what you guys think.

BTW, heres the full article with all the details:

RE: NBA player in strip club - Johnny Boy - 08-05-2020

I can't believe that essentialy chicken wings were more important for him than the safety of his team mates. He could have just sent in someone with a mask who isn't so recognizble. But I'm sure some celebrities miss being in the spotlight. He must have known if he goes into a place where a menu item is named after him plus he is a famous NBA player that someone will recognize him and potentally want to take photos. Or maybe he just wanted to see some titties while picking the wings up. I don't know but this was a mistake for sure.

RE: NBA player in strip club - Oliver - 12-29-2020

yeah what is the problem in our country very bad