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Review of Mara from GT - XXX Addict - 12-21-2018

I was with Mara the other day when I visited GT. She's a tall Romanian girl who works in GT for approximately for a year now. Mara has a slender figure, nice medium sized natural tits, long legs and a flat ass. She's a blonde with a semi-curly hairstyle. Mara is pretty, but a bit pale and she has kind of a dull expression. As she looks totally different from most girls who work at GT, she makes a good number of room sessions.

She is pretty, but her service is unfortunately below average and this is what all regulars can confirm. All regulars at GT I know tried Mara at some point and they tend to say the same thing about her. That she's a waste of time and money. She will definitely charge the 100 for everyone, also the regulars. She doesn't like to be touched intimately. Half hour costs 100 if you want OWO, not to speak of kissing or anything else.

I've heard rumors that she used to work at Babylon, but I can't really imagine this to be true because something like that would never happen there or in any other respectable club. Clear warning, stay away from her unless you are okay with the above described scenario.

Review of Mara from GT - Dex - 12-23-2018

This review started off so good, i thougt i had myself another go-to girl. But after reading the whole thing, think i will pass on Mara. I feel that a girl can be 10/10, i would still pass if her service was bad. Thanks for the warning

Review of Mara from GT - Billy - 12-26-2018

why is she working this job if she doesn't want to be touched? i'm tired of girls who just want out money and not give anything in return..