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Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-18-2018

yo to everybody. Has any of you ever visited Thailand or know someone who did? I'm a freelance programmer and I'm looking to go there for a couple of months. I just don't know much about the place. I heard that Bangkok is a real city of sin. Sounds good to me Wink do any of you know how much money do you need every month to be well off there? how much do prostitutes cost? is there anything else I should be mindful about?

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-20-2018

Hey there! You can live pretty well off 500$ per month. Out of that money you can afford a nice apartment without a care in the world. Food is super cheap, so there!s no need to worry about that either. Most cities like Bangkok and Phuket are filled with prostitutes in all price ranges. But you can find some for 20 - 50 usd.

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-22-2018

yeah buddy.. perfect place to swing your dick around a little! just be sure that you don't get fooled by the agressive trannies. I've met a lot of them the last time I visited

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-22-2018

nothing to worry about bud! if you're a programmer, you can easily live off the money yo make. depends on how much you like prostitutes though...

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-24-2018

sound's right enough. Some of my buddies went there for a year. They were also freelancers and made about 500$ month from their job. They lived in motels, worked in co-working spaces. It's a freelancer heaven.

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 02-28-2018

Oh man, i had a fucking blast when I was in Bangkok for a month during my vacation. I wisited about 8-10 different blowjob bars, brothels and massage parlors. i couldn't help myself but swim In pussy

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 03-01-2018

Wow$ Thanks eveyone for being so helpful! Seriously Smile

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 03-01-2018

Most digital nomads there buy a condo outright and have a baseline cost of $600 to $1200. A lot depends on your lifestyle. But if you're willing to cut a few corners, it will be a blast! My baseline cost of living in Chiang mai came in at about $485 per month. I spend about an additional $200 on prostitutes.

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 03-02-2018

Here you go.
Rent & Internet $200
Electricity & Water $30
Maid $15
Food $175
Scooter & Gas $100
Evenings Out $75
Total $595
You can thank me later Wink

Adventures in Thailand - Guest - 03-02-2018

Oh. I forgot to mention that these are the prices to live in Chang Mai. If you're looking to live in Bangkok, your monthly costs will go up to about $700 – $3,000 per month. Depending on your lifestyle ofcourse.