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Edel Studio, Blumengasse 5a - perez - 02-26-2020

Leila from Hungary, Edel Studio

I had a chance to visit her for an hour and it was a super experience. I already saw on her profile that she has amazing boos and I thought it well. Her boobs were super elastic with very nice nipples. Like two mellow pears.

She performed a very good oral, a friend of mine recommended her because of this. And he was right, I can also recommend Leila’s oral skills to you. We had an extensive sex with two rounds and her body was almost as perfect, as her tits. I was able to grab her waist and give her well from back and she totally enjoyed it. The images might not show but she a hotblooded woman and a man can have very good time with her.

I will repeat my visit when she is in Vienna again.

Body: 10/10
Skills: 10/10
Experience: 10/10
[Image: rfBMurv.png] [Image: BEzhbJZ.jpg]

RE: Edel Studio, Blumengasse 5a - fodor - 02-26-2020

She is very gorgeous indeed.

RE: Edel Studio, Blumengasse 5a - ConnorMacLeod - 02-28-2020

Haven't heard of this place before, but I checked the site and it seems like a pretty cheap studio. "40 € / 20 min. All inclusive! Sex, NF. With mouth completion, erotic massage, cuddling-kissing...Horny duo: 60 € / 20 min." What would you say about the studio itself? Because on the site they have a few pics of the rooms and they don't look too bad. Seems like such low prices considering there are a few good looking younger girls there. All things considered, I would probably go for Leila and another girl, maybe Kelly if the place isn't rubbish. Probably not for 20 mins, but I'm sure that can be managed. By the way, thanks for the review perez.

RE: Edel Studio, Blumengasse 5a - fodor - 03-02-2020

I've just seen Janet Joy on Edel Studio website. I did not hear about her in last years, as I know she worked in Maxim Wien for a while and then disappeared. Don't you think that Edel Studio is not a top place? Or Janet Joy's reputation is so low that she must work in such studios?

[Image: zJO8yvY.png]

[Image: iufB6Yu.jpg]