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Agency services - Ragnaros - 08-24-2019

I have noticed something strange about all the Vienna agencies including the highly praised Bijou, none of them list any services the girls provide. I also remember contacting a couple agencies regarding this, one of which was and their operator refused to divulge what services the girls i wanted to book provide, neither by phone nor email. Their excuse was that it is illegal for them to discuss services in advance which i thought was silly since prostitution is legal in Austria. The weird thing is i can swear another well legit agency gave me the same BS i just can't remember which one it was. And the fact is, none of the agencies list any specific services on their site.

It would be kinda silly booking a 3 hour date with a girl from Bijou for example only to find out BBBJ is not included, or what other services each girl provides and which ones cost extra.

Anyone know what this is all about? Even in countries where prostitution is not legal unlike Austria, agencies still list services on their site or at the very least let you know the specifics over phone or email.

RE: Agency services - firestorm2012 - 08-26-2019

Basically it boils down to this: Escort agencies are in fact not allowed to guarantee any sexual services of the ladies. I have not heard of a case in which an escort telephonist or owner of an agency was charged or fined or anything but technically only the ladies decide what they do and with who. ButI might not have all the facts.

As an escort agency their only job is to organise bookings and promote their own service/website. Of course there is also some laziness in there because clearly if the escort lady is transparent about what she offers then why not communicate this to the customers?I feel that maybe they were burned in the future and now don't want to touch this area again.

As for BBBJ and other services of interest, agencies like Darling, Sexy Angels, Fun Girls to name a few, are rather cheap and therefore the price you see will never include BBBJ and probably no kissing, either. Upselling of 30-50 per service are a cornerstone of how they are making money because if not the lady will end up with 40-60€ per hour. And that often is a total of 2 hours that the lady spends including the arrival and departure to and from the hotel or apartment.

Maxim and probably Bijou and others in the higher price range often have an understanding with the ladies that BBBJ and kissing will not be charged extra and will be included under normal circumstances. Assuming chemistry and hygiene and whatnot.