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Studio Siebertgasse 6 - zigzag89 - 08-24-2019

Poorly furnished studio with mediocre girl lineup. I went in the room with Huanita like two months ago and the room seemed quite worn off. Instead of a bed there was a cheap couch that can be pulled out. Not that you can’t fuck on those but come on… Is there no competition between these studios?

Other studios offer it all for the same price and also with better girls, so why go Siebertgasse instead? Anyway, I picked Huanita because she has a stunning body but as it turned out, this doesn’t mean anything. The service can be just as bad as with anyone else.

Indifferent and mechanical, she really gave me nothing to be excited about. She stops the penetration halfway in all positions and was totally unwilling to be active. Huanita can certainly say good bye to her clients with this attitude.

RE: Studio Siebertgasse 6 - fodor - 08-24-2019

(08-24-2019, 08:04 AM)zigzag89 Wrote: Huanita can certainly say good bye to her clients with this attitude.

I heard nothing positive about this studio so not surprised at all. They would have gone bankrupt long ago but there are still guys who go there to meet those 1-2 girls with okay service. They are going after those hidden gems of Vienna but I’m sure they are not missing anything there. Pick any of the better studios and enjoy, no need to complicate it.