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Best hotels in Vienna for escort - Etronol - 04-03-2019

I am planning on going to Wien soon, but I'm not sure which hotel is the most suitable for calling an escort. Can any of you guys recommend me some hotels where I can call escort girls without a problem? Thanks in advance.

RE: Best hotels in Vienna for escort - twilloughby - 04-03-2019

I would recommend you the Alpha Hotel in Buchfeldgasse. Hotels in Vienna usually tolerate escort girls so there is no need to worry. I only recommend Alpha because I spent a couple of days there and booked two escorts for outcall. No one said a word in the staff, in fact everyone was friendly there

RE: Best hotels in Vienna for escort - Rodolpho - 04-05-2019

The last time I was in Vienna, I stayed in Hotel Sans Souci, in the 8th district. The hotel itself is very nice and the location is pretty central. It's not in the first district, but it's still at a great location. 
The hotel is escort friendly and the receptionist doesn't really care if you have "visitors". However, the elevator and the staircase requires a keycard (like most other hotels do). This means that you can't simply sneak the escort girl up to your room, so it might not be the most escort friendly in this manner. But, if you go down to the lobby and pick the girl up there, the receptionist won't make a scene about your guest.