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Full Version: Black girls in Vienna
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Any info on black girls in Vienna? Are there any and if there are, where can I find them and who would you recommend?
(03-11-2019, 06:02 PM)MrBuddy Wrote: [ -> ]Any info on black girls in Vienna? Are there any and if there are, where can I find them and who would you recommend?

Bijou Escort has added black girls to their site lately and they claim to have more than those that are on the site. Probably the others don't have photos yet or whatever.
One of the girls in their line-up is Sarah formerly from Maxim and she is very recommended.
you should check I saw there a few black beauties
Bijou escort became stronger and stronger every month. I always see them in many topics so the new owners should take maximum effort on business development. I have never seen black girls on their website earlier but if Sarah arrived from Maxim then she should be a top girl.

Her body looks really flexible, like a black pony, however the face is blurred on the site. Maybe you guys can confirm that her face is also nice. But still, her body looks really good, dark brown skin, black hair with some rasta style - she should be a real blacky.
Try One day I got curious whether there are agencies in Vienna that offer only black girls and found this one. I was chilling in my hotel room and decided to book Ella so I picked up the phone and got an appointment. Man.. that girl is CRAZY, and she has an amazing body too. If you guys like crazy playful girls then I can only recommend her. I’ll probably book her again
I can't give you any suggestions as I haven't tried booking black prostitutes in Wien, but the SexVienna blog just posted an article about this recently. They listed the best escort agencies that have black girls working for them. This might help:
regardless of this article if you are looking for the best black girl in Vienna, you'll probably have to pick Sara from Maxim and Bijou Escort. She is still the cutest one.
But so far she wasn't back at Maxim even though they opened again last week but I am sure she'll be back there as well in no time. She wasn't spotted anywhere in the off time of Maxim so she only did escort AFAIK.