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Full Version: Shady tactics used by escort agencies - Sex-Vienna post
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We have recently uploaded an article about the shady tactics and methods that some escort agencies in Vienna use. This thread has been created for the conversations regarding that topic. Let us know in this thread if you have ever been subject to such shady tactics or if you have anything to add to the topic.

Here is the original Sex-Vienna post:
The most annoying thing for me is when a completely different girl comes to the booking. I follow your suggestion and just tell her that she is not who I booked and ask her to leave. Either way, I end up with blue balls and usually in no mood to go through another booking, so I tend to call it a night at that point. Great post, thanks for sharing BTW.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake pictures. In my opinion, they hope you are too horny and you won't refuse the girl they will send you. This is their basic scam and I heard a lot of people complaining about this.