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Full Version: Why you shouldn't give your number to escort girls
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Giving escort girls your personal phone number or any other personal information is a huge mistake that make people make. We have published a new article talking about the reasons why you should avoid doing this whenever possible. Read the full article and learn more about why you are not advised to give out your phone number to escort girls that you meet.

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Full article: Why you shouldn’t give your number to escort girls
The pimp problem is the biggest concern here, i think. If the guy behind the escort girl finds out youre trying to talk privately with her, he will not allow it. Also, getting banned at an agency that you like can also be a huge bummer.
When I started using escort services I thought about trying to arrange meetings privately, but it's really not a good idea when you think about it. The cons easily outweigh the pros that you could get from such an arrangement. Thanks for highlighting the main reasons in the article.
Personally, I heard about some persons who were blackmailed by the escorts. The biggest mistake is to give your Facebook profile. This is the easiest way for them to find information in order to blackmail you.