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Full Version: Bad response rate in Vienna escort agencies
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Before I came to Vienna I did an experiment in contacting multiple escort agencies and clubs by writing an email to them. I wrote a mail to Darling Escort, Escort Elisabeth, Maxim, Bijou and a couple of other nightclubs too. Unfortunately, only 2 of the 9 places responded to my email in a fast and effective manner. Maxim’s response rate was very good and accurate. In case of Elisabeth and Darling, I didn't get a response at all. All the other nightclubs didn't respond either. The biggest surprise of all was that Bijou escort didn’t respond to my mail either. I have contacted them before without problems, but nobody seemed to be responding this time.

I ended up going for a session with Jasmina from Maxim. I booked her to my hotel room in Motel One because I wanted a more private setting for our session. The girl arrived on time, she looked like she does on the pictures and she did everything I agreed on with the club beforehand. I had a splendid time with her and I can only recommend Jasmina.

Jasmina’s profile on Maxim:
I have never tried Bijou Escort, but other forum members have already been discussing the agency in another thread. I personally don't know if it's still working or not, but the website looks too good for a place that's out of business. But that's just my thought.

Here's the thread about Bijou escort:
I love the fact that Maxim is very good with their response rate. I never had a problem booking girls with them or just asking questions. They respond fairly quickly in email, but its best to call them on the phone and get the info you want.
I had the same experience as @Pepender regarding Bijou Escort. I used to book here a few years back, but when I tried to contact them a couple of months ago I didn't get a reply. No idea what's happening, but I've seen some changes on their website lately. New girls are showing up and they added a new phone number too. Let's hope this means something good is about to come regarding this escort agency.