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Full Version: Photoshopped Images - Viennese Establishments that use Photoshopped Images
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This thread is a collection of links to clubs, studios, laufhauses, escort agencies and other establishments in Vienna that use overly Photoshopped photos on their website.
Please, do not discuss the places here, just post the link to their website and point out your concern or suspicions. If you want to further discuss specific establishments, please create a separate thread in the right forum.
I think it is fair to say that those 2 Laufhauses that also belong together are notorious for having models only who use a lot of PS on their pictures:


There was a review about Manuela from Laufhaus Zollgasse on the Erotik forum that claimed that her pictures are photoshopped, as she looks nothing like that anymore. In the German review, he talk about hanging tits and cellulite on her ass, which aren't visible on the pictures.

I posted about it here: