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Full Version: Fake Photos - Viennese Establishments that use Fake Photos on their Website
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This thread is a collection of links to clubs, studios, laufhauses, escort agencies and other establishments in Vienna that use fake photos on their website.
Please, do not discuss the places here, just post the link to their website and point out your concern or suspicions. If you want to further discuss specific establishments, please create a separate thread in the right forum. If you don't know which is the right forum, send a PM to any admin on the Sex-Vienna forum and we will fix the problem if there even is one.
and please don't mistake joints that use fake photos with those who are just guilty of using too much Photoshop on their photos. This is a seperate issue which deserves a seperate thread which we will definitely publish pretty soon as well. You will find the link here as soon as it is online!