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Full Version: Recommended Girl Duos in Vienna
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I am looking for Girl Duos in Vienna and there are many sites which offer such service. But when I pay for it, it usually turns out that random girls were paired to have "something" to offer. They don't know each other well, don't know the other girl's preferences, body, thus the duo is not working well.

Can you recommend real Girl Duos in Vienna?
Valentina and Anna from Maxim are the best girl duo I have ever been with by far. Both are highly experienced, Anna being 31 and Valentina 30 years old and there is great synergy between them. Check them out on Maxim, they look as hot as on the photos. Valentina even worked in Babylon and Wellcum. It was easy to chat with them as they speak German very well and they look sexy as hell. A passionate duo and if you treat them right, you are going to have a lot of fun with them. Valentina was especially playful during our session. Anna was rather playing the innocent girl but she surely knows how to please.
They didn’t rush anything so we took things slowly and I enjoyed every moment. The foreplay and the two of them playing with each other completely blew my mind. I can’t wait to book them again. However I’m also looking for other duo recommendations if you guys can suggest any
I have not booker them, but knowing the high level of Bijou Services, a Bijou duo can be an ideal choice. Eveline and Olivia:

[Image: duo-olivia-eveline5.jpg]