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Full Version: Sexclub Babylon Official Thread
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Has anyone heard the rumors of Babylon maybe changing locations soon? People on other forums have been talking about this and maybe you guys know something more. Thanks for the info.
I have read the rumors too. But I am not sure if they are true. I also read that they might no longer have Romanian girls in their LU? This does not seem too possible, but who knows.
According to what I've heard, the locale Babylon is currently renting is going to be available, as their contract ends soon. I've also read that they might be moving to a location that the owner has previously bought.

Of course, these are not facts, just what I've heard and read. I guess we will soon find out what's really going to happen. Either way, I am sure that Babylon is not going to close down or anything like that. Most probably, they are just going to move to a new location.
Right now I am really curious what is going to happen, as Babylon announced a couple of times in the past that it is going to close in a few years. I hope they only plan to change the location and continue from there as you guys say
On which days should I visit Babylon to avoid the crowd? Last time there were lots of people on a Thursday. Next time I want to visit on a day when there is not much going on. Maybe Sundays?
I read somewhere that the Babylon party was held a few days ago, same date as the GT party. Was anyone in Babylon or know how successful the party was? I guess those parties are much more discrete, but I'm interested how it was, if anyone knows. I haven't been yet, so I have only read and heard about it over the years.
Can anyone inform me about the current prices in Babylon? And is it allowed to smoke there?
(02-28-2020, 07:45 AM)decesare Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone inform me about the current prices in Babylon? And is it allowed to smoke there?

they prices are unchanged for at least 3 years.

1 hour with a Babylon girl is 550 Euro. Smoking isn't allowed anywhere in Austria's clubs, bars or coffee places and restaurants so also not in Babylon.