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Full Version: Studio Neulerchenfelderstrasse 91
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I avoid Neulerchenfelderstrasse 91 since I was fool enough to let them rip me off two times. The girls are very attractive on the photos, so I had to give them another chance. Also got too excited about the place being so cheap. Yes it is worth trying these cheap studios, but usually it is a red flag you should take seriously.

The second time I went with Isabell, an attractive Romanian. When it comes to the rooms, the studio offers the bare minimum. A mattress on the floor, a washing machine in the shower that takes up too much space, and some holes on the wall that they tried to cover. It looks like a disaster.

Isabell promised a lot, but once we entered the room, it was all about excuses. She said she is tired and laid on bed the whole time. Couldnt even fully penetrate her because she said it hurts. She blamed it on penis size, which was never a problem, none of the dozens of girls complained about it so far.

So I guess she simply hates her job and wants to minimize contact with her clients at all costs. Keep in mind, we agreed on many extras beforehand, but she agreed only to get the money. This studio is a big 0 in my opinion and the girls too.
Usually Kontaktbazar leads me to these bad studios. I can only agree about what you said. The time I found Gloria there who was irresistible with the photos on her profile.

According to the details there she costed 80, and it included the services I wanted. So I called and went to this hole to have a great time.

She was there as we discussed, however looked worse than the photos. It became clear how much Photoshop was applied on those photos. I wouldn’t say she looks bad, but surely not as great as on Kontaktbazaar.

I was still curious about the service so we went in. So I stepped in, got my wallet out and handed the money instantly to take care of the finances and get to work. Gave her a 100 bill because didn’t have exactly 80, she left the room as I was waiting for the change. Yes, you guessed what happens in such shitty studio. She came back with no money.

At first, she tried to convince me it costs 100, but then she just said they have no 20 to give back. Okay so this is when it is best to leave, but me dumbass stayed instead. Didn’t want to go through the procedure of asking money back. The long awaited sex was mechanic, no cuddling or kissing or petting whatsoever. Plain fucking and I did all the work, didn’t enjoy it even a bit. There is nothing good to there in Neulerchenfelderstrasse 91, it is just straight up rip off, so I would also advise to stay away.