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Full Version: Studio Senfeldergasse 77
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This is a studio that proved it again and again consistently how bad it is. This is how my last visit went. I was with Barbie who gave a very bad service but I am going to talk about that later.

First off the place is plain dirty. The room I was in seemed like it was never cleaned. The bed had a typical old and dusty smell, the curtains were also collecting dirt for years. On top of that most of the girls are total rip off.

At least there was a shower but the worst kind. Light bulb broken, shower curtain too short so after I showered there was water everywhere. The rooms are only partially separated because the separator thing doesn’t even reach the ceiling. I don’t know why I still insisted and didn’t leave right away but in this situation that is the best you can do.

When it comes to Barbie, I honestly don’t know if she is stupid as hell or just didn’t want to work. I wanted a blowjob but it was a lousy handjob most of the time while her lips barely touched my thing. When I tried to show her how to do it properly she just acted dumb.

We started in missionary and then told her to lie on her stomach because I realized she is fully passive. So at the end it was an unenjoyable quickie and I left right after shooting my load.
Same story with Lili. She had seductive pictures, that dragged me there and it was a disappointment. Optics were surprisingly good, but the service sucked so much.

Very frustrated girl, doesn't feel comfortable doing this job for sure. I don't know what is wrong with the girls there, but somehow none of them knows how to blow. How come they don't know, how to take a dick in the mouth? So far it wasn't a problem anywhere else. Usually they are happy to give a blowjob instead of fucking.

Since the rooms are not fully separated, I can hear the girls talking with each other during service. Lili also had a few quiet comments in her language while I fucked her. I don't know what is worse, two girls whispering to each other when you are there, or just one mumbling. She did nothing during sex by the way, except lying there like a doll. Time went by so slowly, it was painful.

Yet another studio that baits you with hot photos. When I go to a studio I want to enjoy it not fool around, also it is something you pay money for.