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Full Version: Studio Lux
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Studio Lux is just an eye candy place that drags you in and then disappoints you. Don't let the hot photos fool you, it is a mistake to go there.

I gave the place a shot about a month ago and the first thing that welcomed me is a group of random youngsters hanging out next to the entry. As I learned after, they were not clients. They just wanted to stay without any intention to take a girl in the room.

This is already something you don't see typically in other studios. Then I saw the vending machine which was outside the bathroom. I suppose there was not enough space inside. The tube for the water takeout goes through the wall and right in the shower. Fantastic!

I wanted to take a shower but no dry towels, only used and wet ones. The floor was also wet and on top of that a girl said there is no hot water. Okay, so I decided not to take a shower and entered the room with Michelle. The rathole they call a room was totally dark. Despite all this, the price was 140 EUR so basically I could have gone anywhere else than this place which is a complete joke.

Michelle got rid of her clothes and we started in missionary. She played some weird game spreading her arms and legs as wide as she can to avoid touching while I fucked her. Eye contact was not possible as she was staring at the wall. This is when I felt like it would be more fun if I fucked a sex doll.

What can I say, this is how Studio Lux gets clients. Girls with amazing body yet horrible attitude. Michelle has a dream body but she managed to turn me off easily. Take your wallet a favor and avoid this place. It is sometimes worth experimenting but this turned out to be a big fail.
It is true, you need to be really lucky to have a good run in Lux. For me the girl was fine but I don't like the place at all. I can recommend Anna, she offers great service so if you don't let the poor studio interior ruin your experience, then go for it.

She is an absolute pleaser with a super hot body. I only go there because of her. Hopefully she decides to work somewhere else at one point. She would do great in any of the better studios.
I remember this place. Can’t forget those misunderstandings I had with the girls. The language barrier was too big and it wasn’t clear which services they offer.

So at the end the girl said yes to everything and then in the room she rejected half of it when she finally understood. They always contradicted themselves and it was rather frustrating. And the girls talking about their personal and family problems hoping you to pay extra for a service.

Now I just avoid the place completely and you guys should too.