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Full Version: Recent news regarding the sex scene in Vienna
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We have recently published a news article about the most recent news that have happened in the Vienna sex scene. Learn more about the studios and other establishments that have closed recently and read more about other important things that happened. This thread has been created for discussions regarding the news or the article itself.

If you haven't already, be sure to read the full news article that was published on the Sex-Vienna blog:
The owner of Tete a tete was a good guy, or at least he seemed to be the few times I met him in the club. There are places in Vienna that I prefer over Tete a tete, but the place wasn't half bad and I had a decent time when I visited. Interested to see what will become of the club now that the owner is dead. Thanks for the article and any updates that you add to it.
The tete-a-tete owner was a very friendly man, he often cooked a Hungarian goulash and served it to the customers and his friends. He had a small kitchen, cooking was his hobby. Rest in peace!
It is interesting that the well-known members of Vienna sex scene has passed away one after one. Madama Nina had very intersting life and she had one of the most known Vienna sex bars. Here's an article about her life in German: