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Full Version: reliable escort agencies in Vienna
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Vienna is a monger heaven in many ways and so we are blessed in so far as we also have a large selection of escort agencies to choose from. Of course not all of them are good and many of them are cheap not only with their rates.

My list of best and most recommended escort agencies in no particular order:

Fun-Girls -
EGV - Escort Girls Vienna -
Bijou-escort -

everything else can be disregarded because all the other agencies follow the same shady patterns which we at Sex Vienna do not condone.

Additional trivia: EGV is the official Escort agency of Sexclub Maxim Wien. This adds the option of picking up a girl in the club and bring her to your hotel room or have sex with her right there in the club.

In all 3 cases the photos of the ladies are real, which is the single most important thing when picking an agency.
With so many unreliable and fake escort agencies is Vienna, it is good to see that there are at least a few genuine ones out there.

Personally, I would rather take the girl to my hotel room. It’s more private and I feel way more confident this way.


Well, there are few more reputable escort services in Vienna than Maxim. It worked really well for me at least. Check their prices out here


I can testify for Maxim as well. I really enjoyed the girl's service if even for just an hour.


literally anything that you see on sex-vienna which is advertising?! they aren't patrons of sex-vienna for nothing darling. Maxim, Goldentime, Babylon - here's 3 and well-enough for a wise man.


i agree, all listed things here are verified and are top-shelf businesses. no doubt. in that