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Young children forced into prostitution in England
Looks like children have been groomed in a town in England for over 40 years now. The grooming has been exposed by the Mirror since nobody seemed to care or do anything about it. I've found a summary of the situation that you should read if you're interested in the details.
Here's the link to the article:

Do you guys think anything can be done to help these poor souls? More people need to know about this, then something might be done to prevent it from ever happening again. I mean, we are talking about the lives of young children, and something like this will indefinitely change their lives once and for all.

Quote:One victim said that she was forced to have sex with numerous men in shady and dirty places. She took morning after pills at least twice a week and she had two abortions. The girl said that she was raped by multiple men hours after her second abortion. She also stated that her worst experience was when she was drugged and gang raped by five abusers just after her 16th birthday.

This is extremely infuriating! How is this happening for over 40 years?! Nobody deserves to go through what these girls had to go through. Being sexually abused to this degree at such a young age truly scars a person for life. I really hope that after the revelations the Mirror made, more people will notice the situation.
I can't believe some of the girls were as young as 11 years old when they were groomed. How could someone hurt the little girls in this manner, what kind of an animal does that?! I lose some faith in humanity every time I read something like this is happening.
Hope something's being done to help these girls and to prevent this from ever happening again. It's kinda sad that a news outlet has to uncover this and not the police or the government. At least more people are aware of the situation this way..
I can't believe that the authorities did not know about these problems. They should be arrested too.
There are plenty of sick motherfuckers out there. I would stomp one's head for sure. I can't believe that this can actually happen within a modern society.
It's tough that we can't do anything about this. But I bet either of us would beat the holly hell out of guys like this on sight. There is simply no mercy for forcing children for sex labor. It's simply the greatest atrocity mankind has ever seen.
Wow, like I'm in a nightmare while reading this, all but a dream, this is a life-threatening concern. I had goosebumps and waves of shivering sensations reading this. But I know that the evil of this world is eternal and it existed since the dawn of ages. Sad world we live in, but that's the reality. I hope that these culprits get prosecuted the right way. Damn the day death penalties have been waived!
What's this? Is England having outbreaks of evil emitting from them? Impossible! Thought they were the most established, well-developed government of the universe! Jokes aside, the government should have taken this as the top-tier serious note. Bunch of sitting ducks....
Pressing matters either way you put it. Public remaining silent on similar causes, while constantly speaking blatant about the government. You take actions into your own hands and do better. I get it, these are nocturnal disasters grisly occurring overnight. When people's eyes are LITERALLY closed, but that doesn't expel the fact that people are turning their heads to real problems ftw

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