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Why are Gorgeous Ladies working in Crappy Places?
What are the reasons why gorgeous girls are working in crappy places? Are they forced? Or were there lover boys who emotionally pushed the girls? Mr. T. wrote an article in this topic:
The ugly truth is most girls in shady studios are forced to fuck clients. They smile and try to look happy, but they are dying inside. And they are too afraid to ask for help, especially since this is a foreign country for them.
anything for money
Never heard about the loverboy method until now, and it seems extremely evil. A poor inexperienced girl falls in love with the wrong guy and the next thing she knows, shes sold into sex slavery. This is disgusting and it has to stop!
Bianca has amazing ass! Are her images real?
Kontaktbazar does not have good image viewer so I can’t check Bianca’s images in bigger. The first image in second row looks a bit strange to me, isn’t there a photoshop effect around her waist? It looks she has super small waist.
I visited her and the images are real, she is thin as hell
federer, and would you recommend her?
how can I get the proper papers for work?
enpier there is another topic in this forum where you can get more info

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